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EMESSA Labs for Pharmaceutical Industries was established in 1958
as one of the most deep-rooted pharmaceutical factories in Syria

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Product Name:

CROTAMITON PLUS cream contains 10% of Crotamiton and 0.25% of Hydrocortisone.

Pharmaceutical Form:

Cream & Ointment


A tube contains 20g of CROTAMITON PLUS cream.

Public Price:

 85 sp

Pharmacist Price:

 69 sp

Pharmacologic Category:

Dermal and Genital


CROTAMITON PLUS has anti-inflammatory and antipruritc properties.


For rapid relief of inflammation and pruritis due to:
1- Mild to moderate eczema.
2- Dermatitis of all types.
3- Stings and insect bites.

Side Effects:

- Itching (pruritus).
- Contact rash.
- Allergic inflammation of the skin caused by contact with an irritant (contact dermatitis).
- Burning sensation.
- Sensitisation.


1- It should not be used in case of known sensitivity or allergy to the product.
2- It should not be applied near the eyes or the mouth and to genital areas because it may cause irritation.
3- It should not be used on Impetigo, and it should not be used for infections of the skin with viruses (Herpes simplex), fungi (athlele\\\'s foot) and it should not be used for acne.
4- Do not use during pregnancy or on children under ten years without medical advice.


Usually a thin layer of cream should be applied to the affected area
two to three times a day.
Treatment for adults and children over 10years
should be limited to 10 – 14 days or up to seven days if applied to the face.
Occlusive dressings should not be used.
Use with caution in infants and for not more than seven days.