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as one of the most deep-rooted pharmaceutical factories in Syria

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Product Name:

Dibucaine(Cinchocaine) HCL 0.5 % Hydrocortisone 0.5 %

Pharmaceutical Form:

Cream & Ointment


Oint. 30 g.

Public Price:

 105 sp

Pharmacist Price:

 89 sp

Pharmacologic Category:

Dermal and Genital


The local anaesthetic cinchocaine relieves pain and relaxes sphincteric spasm. Pruritus and inflammation are relieved by hydrocortisone, which also decreases serous discharge.

PROCTOCAINE Ointment is thus used for the following: internal and external haemorrhoids; prophylaxis between attacks to prevent recurrences; haemorrhoidal complications-anal pruritus, perianal eczema, proctitis, fissure; pre-operative and post-operative treatment of haemorrhoidectomy patients; post-partum haemorrhoidal conditions.


Known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.


Topical steroids should not be used extensively in pregnancy, i.e. in large amounts or for long periods. As with all preparations containing topical corticosteroids, the possibility of systemic absorption should be considered. In particular, long-term continuous therapy should be avoided in infants.


Apply the ointment in small quantity with the finger, on the painful or pruritic area, morning and evening and after each stool. For deep application attach cannula to tube, insert to full extent and squeeze tube gently from lower end whilst withdrawing.

<b>Duration of treatment:</b>
The duration of treatment depends on the therapeutic success and usually amounts to not more than 2-3 weeks