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EMESSA Labs for Pharmaceutical Industries was established in 1958
as one of the most deep-rooted pharmaceutical factories in Syria

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Product Name:

Cod Liver Oil 11.4 % Zinc Oxide 38 %

Pharmaceutical Form:

Cream & Ointment


A tube contains 50 g. of ANTIBRUL ointment

Public Price:

 65 sp

Pharmacist Price:

 51 sp

Pharmacologic Category:

Dermal and Genital


ANTIBRUL ointment contains Cod liver oil and zinc oxide which promote the healing of wounds whilst protecting soothing the skin
Zinc Oxide has an established value in the treatment of minor skin wounds whereas cod liver oil, which contains Vitamine A and Vitamine D, acts to promote the healing of wounds.
ANTIBRUL is a greasy preparation which dose not contain water, and enables the skin to hold water more effectively it also has a mild effect to reduce inflammation.
This preparation is commonly used in the treatment of minor wounds, ulcers, pressure sores and nappy rash.


1- Eczema
2- Minor cuts and grazes.
3- Napkin rash
4- Sores caused by lying or sitting in the same position for long periods of time (pressure sores)
5- Ulcers usually on the legs caused by a lack of blood flow and infection (varicose ulcers).


Known sensitivity to one or any of its ingredients

Side Effects:

It may cause a rash in rare cases.


1- should the symptoms persist despite treatment, medical advice should be sought.
2- this preparation is for external use only.

Drug Interactions:

There are no drug interactions.


For nappy rash, eczema, minor wounds and grazer: apply a thin layer directly onto the affected area and surrounding skin
For conditions requiring a dressing: apply onto clean dressing material and place over affected area.