Product Name:



Each ovule contains 250 mg povidone iodine

Pharmaceutical Form:

Suppositories & Ovules


6 vaginal ovules packed in a cartoon package.

Pharmacologic Category:

Dermal and Genital


It has a broad spectrum bactericidal action against aerobic, anaerobic bacteria, antifungal especially against candida albicans and against
Trichomonous vaginalis.


It is used for the treatment of irritation of vaginal tissue and veginal itching and infections of vagina and vulva, and it removes the annoying vaginal odor.


1- previous iodine sensitivity.
2- pregnancy and nursing except with the approval of physician.

Side Effects:

Local irritation, itching, redness, swelling.


1- if allergic symptoms persist more than 7 days after starting treatment, stop treatment and consult your physician.
2- stop treatment in case of sensitivity reaction.

Drug Interactions:

It should not be used with any medicine that contains mercury.


It is used locally by inserting its smaller end into vagina 1-2 times daily after washing the vagina with antiseptic solutions. It is advisable to keep the patient on back for a short time to prevent the ovule form dropping down before melting.

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