Product Name:



Aspartame 18 mg.

Pharmaceutical Form:



Carton box contains 5 blisters, each of them contains 10 tablets.

Pharmacologic Category:



Effervescent small white tablets, very soluble especially in hot liquids, it has the taste of the natural sugar. Its sweetening property is 200 times stronger than sugar. Each tablet has sweetening power of 4g of sugar, and has only 0.25 calorie.
The Aspartame is derived from vegetable source, so it has no side effects like other chemical sweeteners such as sodium saccharin.


For reducing weight – diabetic patients – children’s diarrhea – for maintaining normal weight.
Obese People are advised to reduce their calories daily intake by replacing any amount of sugar by Candrina which has 100 times less calories than normal sugar.


- Candrina should not be used by patients who have phenylketonuria, because aspartame contains phenylalanine.
- The maximum daily consumption is 40mg aspartame for each kg of body weight (133 tablets for a 60kg adult).


For adults:
Two tablets for each cup of tea, coffee, ptisan or any other drink.
For children:
In the case of diarrhea, replace the sugar by Candrina according to the doctor’s instructions.

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