Product Name:



Each DRAMIN-R timed-release tablet contains:
Dimenhydrinate 100 mg
Pyridoxine hydrochloride 20 mg

Pharmaceutical Form:



100 Timed-Release Tabs.

Pharmacologic Category:



Dimenhydrinate is an ethanolamine derivative. It is dephenhydramine
Theoclate, and is an antihistamine with antimuscarinic and central sedative effects.


1- antiemetic in the prevention and treatment of motion sickness.
2- for the symptomatic treatment of nausea and vertigo caused by meniere\'s disease and other vestibular disturbances.


1- hypersensitivity to the product.
2- it is not recommended in cases of glaucoma and dysuria or in other cases which become aggravated with the treatment by anticholines because of the antimuscarinic effects of dimenhydrinate.
3- it is not recommended to use during lactation.

Side Effects:

Antihistamines may cause drowsiness, sensitization and allergic effects.


1- machinery workers and vehicles drivers shoud be warned of drowsiness during the treatment .
2- it should be given cautiously in case of nephritic and hepatic failure.
3- it is used during pregnancy only if necessary, and if the expected benefit from the treatment outweighs the potential risk.

Drug Interactions:

1- alcohol and monoamine oxidase inhibitors are not recommended during the treatment because of the potential interaction with these compounds.
2- dimenhydrinate may enhance the effects of C.N.S inhibitors and para sympatholytic drugs.


1-2 tablets two to three times daily.

1-6 years 1/4 - 1/2 tablet two to three times daily.
7-12 years 1/2 – 1 tablet two to three times daily.

In the condition of travel sickness the dose should be given at least 30 minutes before travel. The dose may be repeated during the travel if necessary.

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