Product Name:



Each suppository contains:
Oxomemazine 3.3 mg paracetamol 66.6 mg.
Guaifenesin 66.6 mg sodium benzoate 66.6 mg.

Pharmaceutical Form:

Suppositories & Ovules


10 Suppo.

Pharmacologic Category:



This product is composed of four active substances to allay the pain and treatment the cough: oxomemazine is an antihistamine and antitussive, paracetamol is known for its analgesic antipyretic properties, guaifenesin is a respiratory tract antiseptic,and sodium benzoate is a stimulator for bronchial secretions


It is used for treatment the unproductive cough especially allergic and irrtative cough.


It should not be used in these cases:
1- respiratory disorders
2- hepatic cellular disorders

Side Effects:

1- drowsiness
2- atropine effects as constipation, urine retention and oral dryness.
3- digestive disorders.


1- it is should not be taken unless under medical supervision for patients with hepatic and renal diseases.
2- research for the causes of the cough to proceed suitable treatment, and if the cough resists the antitussive with the usual dose it should not increase the dose but return the clinical exam.
3- avoid taking the medicines which contain alcohol during the treatment.
Under one year, specially whom have liver injuries.
4- it is recommended to be given under medical supervision to the infants
Under one year, specially whom have liver injuries.


In the symptomatic treatment the period of therapy is short (for few days only). Infants from birth to 30 months: 1 suppository in the morning and 1 suppository in the evening.
Children over 30 months: three suppositories daily.
Presentation: a box contains 10 suppositories

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