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EMESSA Labs for Pharmaceutical Industries was established in 1958
as one of the most deep-rooted pharmaceutical factories in Syria

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Product Name:

Flamyzin emessa cream contains silver sulfadiazine 1%

Pharmaceutical Form:

Cream & Ointment


A tube contains 40 g.

Public Price:

 85 sp

Pharmacist Price:

 69 sp

Pharmacologic Category:

Dermal and Genital


It has a broad-spectrum activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria including pseudomonas aeruginose and against some yeasts and fungi.


Flamazine cream is used as a topical antimicrobial drug for prevention and treatment of wounds sepsis in patients with second and third-degree burns.


1- hypersensitivity to silver sulfadiazine.
2- pregnant patients approaching or at term, premature infants and newborn infants during the first two months of life.

Side Effects:

1- transient leucopenia after 2-4 days from initial treatment, may occurs and subsides spontaneously.
2- burning sensation, skin rash, itching, skin necrosis, and discoloration.
3- internal absorption with discoloration of the skin and neuropathy, can occur if medicine is applied to a large area of wounds over prolonged periods.
4- it rarely causes interstitial nephritis.


1- flamazine should be used with caution in individual known to have glucose -6- phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (favism).
2- it should be used with caution in case of hepatic and renal impairment.
3- it may delay the separation of burn eschar.
4- fungal invasion of the wounds may occur but in rare cases.
5- it should be given with caution to nursing mothers, and its safety to children has not been studied.


The burn wounds are cleansed and debrided before using, then the cream is applied under sterile conditions.
The burn areas should be covered with the cream at all time, it is applied once or twice daily to a thickness of 1.5 mm, dressings are not required, unless necessary.
Treatment with flamazine cream 1% should be continued until satisfactory healing has occurred or until the burn site is ready for grafting.