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EMESSA Labs for pharmaceutical industries was established in 1958
as one of the most deep-rooted pharmaceutical factories in Syria

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With our medical representatives (doctors and pharmacists), who regularly educated and trained, we aim to provide extensive and superior service to the health care community. The close affiliation with the medical community has always been a vital cornerstone of our success.

Local Distribution:

Our sales are highly developed because of our well chosen sales persons who follow a certain sale plan carefully built upon principals given by qualified persons of wide experiment, in order to meet all needs and requirements of both people and market. Not to forget that our sales cover the 14 cities in Syria. We have active agents spread all over Syria, which includes 19.000.000 inhabitants.
All of our agents have the necessary storage conditions and are equipped with sales and delivery cars, trucks, and vans.

Our advanced distribution network is operated and managed to ensure round-the-clock availability of our products for every point of sale.

International Distribution:

Our organization is registered in three countries: Yemen, Sudan and Iraq, so we legally export our products to them.

Emessa labs seeks to produce medicines achieving the difficult equation: the highest quality with the best price, in order to be available to any member in society.